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 Nightingale Watch Testimonial


My name is Moira; I received a phone call from Jessica Gill to say I had won the watch. I was taken aback and thought 'what watch' then the penny dropped.

I am absolutely ecstatic about this prize and it's the first prize draw I have ever entered, and I did because I admire Florence Nightingale and have collected a few things because it's her centennial year.

It's such an honour and privilege to receive such a prize and its historical significance for me is priceless.

I have been nursing since 1981 with a break to have children, but over 23yrs all told.

Florence Nightingale to me is my heroine, although things were far from perfect, the lady with the lamp set precedence and many eminent nurses have followed on to continue and improve on her philosophy. Although I may not be remembered for great changes in nursing, what I have learnt from reading Florence Nightingales life story

Is that you have to make the best of the resources available at the time, and they were pretty horrific circumstances they nursed under.

I am proud that although silently I have made my own contribution, and I know I have made a difference for some of my patients along the way.

I am hoping to go to the museum for the first time this year and I will wear the watch with pride when I go.

I am going to show the watch to colleagues at the hospital where I work in the hope that it will inspire them and remember the lady with the lamp. The reason why we are all here.

As you can tell I am completely overwhelmed by this, such an amazing prize of an amazing Lady. This has made my nursing career so worth while.

Thank you so much

Best wishes



Feb 22, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Just got this thank you note:

Hello Jess!

I have to tell you how thrilled I am with my Nightingale Watch.
It's beautiful, and I love it. Totally daft,but it makes me feel special when I wear it. I keep looking at it whilst at work,even when I know already what the time is!

I love the 'simple' quality design. The quality really does shout out. It's my piece of beauty.

Thank you so much.